About Me

Hi  🙂  I’m Sharon and recently I have found myself with a lot more time on my hands and the need to fill it. So of course my book life called to me… with my continual need to read… to hold a book… to just immerse...  After some research reading, I stumbled upon the world of book reviewing and blogging! And so very quickly, my blog, Chapter One, Page One was born!

Before blogging, my love for the written word took me to studying for a year to become a proofreader. I gained my certification at the Publishing Training Centre. Please visit my website www.sharonbenjamin.co.uk for more information about my proofreading work.

You can follow my book love on twitter – @ChapterOnePgOne

Oh, I also have limits. I have fibromyalgia, an unfortunately horrid chronic pain condition which leaves me in continual, daily, nightly, all the timey… pain. 😖
But that’s not what this blog is about, that’s a different Sharon – another character in a different book…!

Now you’ve learnt a little more about me… let’s get back to the wonderful world of books!


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